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ATI Products

I am a new dealer for ATI products. I will order any thing they have on their web site (See Below) for a 5% discount. Let me know what you want and i'll post it so you can buy it.

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Hogue, Grip, Fits S&W K/L Square Butt, Rubber, Black

Hogue, Grip, Fits S&W K/L Square Butt, Rubber, Black

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Pachmayr Grip Extender for Ruger LCP and LCP II 380, 3/4 Inch

Pachmayr Grip Extender for Ruger LCP and LCP II Pachmayr new grip extenders will greatly increase your control and shooting comfort when added to popular compact and Sub-Compact handguns. The extensions perfectly match the shape and texture of the handgun, so they look like they are part of the pistol, rather than an add-on. Extenders are easy to install and are made of tough, high strength polymer that stands up to the roughest handling.

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Garrison Grip Extensions Fit Ruger LCP and LCPII 380, 1 Inch

Garrison grip extensions are made to fit all size hands. They are painstakingly designed and manufactured from quality polymer blends to deliver comfort and control along with the opportunity and responsibility to be more accurate. If you are not 100% satisfied with the Garrison Grip for as long as you own the gun, send the grip back for a full refund including return shipping. It is a great idea to make a smaller gun so it is easy to carry and conceal, however it appears that with most small guns the grip is so small that after firing 20 rounds at practice, the cradle of a hand between the thumb and forefinger can start to bleed from the kickback due to lack of control. If that is not enough, it is almost impossible to have any accuracy with so little an area of grip control. What about when we would really need to use it? Could we miss our target and hit the unintended? These are the things that prompted me to start to design and manufacture what I believe are the best Concealed Carry Grip Extensions on the market. Garrison Grips will not automatically make you more accurate, just like sleeping in your garage will not make you a Mercedes Benz. We all need proper training and frequent practice. Be safe, not sorry. Get Garrison Grip.

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AmeriGun Club Grip Extension for Ruger LCP and LCP II 380, 1.25 Inch Extra Long

The Ruger LCP 380 LCP II and LCP Custom Extra Long 1.25" (XL) magazine mounted grip extension fits all sized hands. Now all of your fingers can fit on the handle of your firearm. Our grip extensions are made from the highest quality materials and expertly designed and manufactured to create improved Comfort, Control and Accuracy. IMPORTANT: This product DOES NOT increase Magazine Capacity. This product fits the Ruger LCP 380, Ruger LCP 380 Custom. The terms 1 Pack, 2 Pack, 3 Pack and 4 Pack represent how many grip extensions are offered in the Ad. Multiple extensions in the image are for demo purposes only. This product will not fit on a ProMag Magazine Extension.

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